How Do I Share or Copy My SoundSwitch files?

SoundSwitch custom light show files, Autoloop files and venue information are kept in your SoundSwitch Library folder.  You can see or change the location of your SoundSwitch folder via the SoundSwitch Preferences menu.

If you are working between two computers you may want to copy over all or some of your SoundSwitch files.  For example, if you are a lighting designer, you can create the appropriate light shows for a particular song or some Autoloops and then share these with the DJ or Artist using the following steps.  Please note that you will have to use the exact same audio files on both devices for your custom light shows to work.

Step 1:

To copy all of your SoundSwitch information first locate the folder 'SoundSwitch' on the primary computer. Once located, copy and transfer this folder to the secondary computer (via USB or the cloud etc.)

Step 2:

Access the copied file, via you preferred method, and replace the SoundSwitch folder in the default location on the secondary computer.

When copying, remember to "replace" the files.

Step 3:

Run SoundSwitch on the secondary computer to check the files have been replaced and are performing appropriately. 

Pro Tip: Make a back up of your SoundSwitch folder before making any changes or moving the folder in case you want to come back to the original.

Light show files:

Autoloop Files:

Venue Information:





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