MIDI and Windows

If you're here you are likely having some issues with MIDI mapping in SoundSwitch when using a Windows OS. If this is the case, we have a couple of points that might help you clarify what is going on.

Windows doesn't natively support multi client MIDI connections as is standard on Mac OS. Given this the easiest ways to get MIDI working with SoundSwitch have been highlighted below:

1. You can use the same MIDI device with another software, like Serato, if the device has a driver available that supports this; as a general comment the older the driver the less likely it will support multi access (do check if your DJ hardware has a new driver available as multi client access may now be supported in the update). For example, if you are using a controller that has some MIDI functions mapped in Serato and you want to map some functions in SoundSwitch this may or may not be possible depending on the controllers driver; check the hardware driver specs or just give it a go to see the outcome.

2. If you DJ hardware driver doesn't support multi client access the next best thing is to get a seperate MIDI device that you can map your SoundSwitch controls to. This option is also nice as it keeps a tidy workflow where your live audio and lighting controls are seperate but you do lose out on some dynamic controls that can be achieved with mapping to the same MIDI pad/knob/key.

If you are having any troubles with MIDI and Windows that isn't covered here drop us a line at hi@soundswitch.com 

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