Virtual DJ Plugin Installation

SoundSwitch Supports Virtual DJ 8 and Virtual DJ 2018

Before you can get started, the files in the links below MUST be installed on your computer in order to connect SoundSwitch with VDJ 8 and the 2018 version.

You can download the plugin installation files via the links below:

For SoundSwitch versions 1.6 and earlier:

Plugin Download

For SoundSwitch version 1.7 and later:

Plugin Download

Once Downloaded add an unzipped copy the plugin file to the Plugins Folder.


For Windows: Copy the SoundSwitchVDJPlugin.dll to the following location:

    My Documents/VirtualDJ/Plugins/AutoStart

For MAC: Copy the SoundSwitchVDJPlugin.bundle to the following location:


Once installed open Virtual DJ and locate the SoundSwitch Plugin under the Master Effects:


Then press the "Cog" icon to display the plugin box.

Then press Enable.


This video steps through activating the plugin in Virtual DJ.

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