SoundSwitch 1.5


SoundSwitch 1.5 includes support for Virtual DJ 8, Automation upgrades, local file library searching, general stability and UI improvements.

Key SoundSwitch 1.5 Features

- Virtual DJ 8

SoundSwitch now supports Virtual DJ 8. In addition to the latest version you will also need to download and install the Virtual DJ 8 plugin files. How to install these correctly can be found here.

- Local File Library Search

You can now search and script audio files located on your local hard drive or external storage device using the "Local Files" entry in the SoundSwitch Music Library without having to use iTunes, VDJ Playlists or Serato Crates

- Automation Upgrades

Fixed crash when scripting Playlists or Crates. Automation will also now skip tracks with existing light shows.

- Stability and UI Improvements

It is important that all users, including those Serato DJ users, update to this version.


Download SoundSwitch 1.5

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