SoundSwitch 1.5.1


SoundSwitch 1.5.1 includes new intensity pulse effects, Autoloop autoplay settings, customisable intensity settings for intensity and chase effects, strobe rate adjustment for strobe MIDI override, general stability and UI improvements.

Key SoundSwitch 1.5.1 Features

- New Intensity Pulse Effects

Included in this update are four new intensity effects: flash pulse, flash and fade, reverse pulse and smooth pulse.

- Autoloop Bank Autoplay Settings

Autoloop Banks can now be included or excluded from autoplay in Performance Mode. This feature allows users to create Autoloops for specific sections of songs, such as drops and breakdowns, and not have these play randomly for unscripted tracks. Excluded banks and individual Autoloops can be launched via the MIDI for complete control.

- Intensity Setting for Intensity and Chase Effects

The ability to set the intensity for chase and intensity effects.

- Strobe Rate Setting for Strobe MIDI Override

Set the strobe rate of the strobe override via MIDI or through on-screen control.

- General stability and UI improvements


Download SoundSwitch 1.5.1

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