Engine Lighting Troubleshooting

This is a guide on some troubleshooting steps you can take when using Engine Lighting.


Engine Lighting my Fixtures will not respond when I playback a track or press a Color Override or Scripted Track:

- This issue can be present when you have not selected the correct SoundSwitch Project that was exported to your source media drive.

After starting Engine Lighting please make sure you have selected both the correct source drive and then SoundSwitch Project and Venue you exported to the drive:


Engine Lighting will not playback my Autoscripted/Scripted Tracks:

- This issue is generally related to either the SoundSwitch Project not being exported correctly or the scripted Audio files also not being exported correctly.

If you need help on how to export both your SoundSwitch Project and Audio files correctly please check out this guide linked below:


Remember if you are exporting directly from the SoundSwitch Desktop Software and not Engine DJ you will also need to make sure the Audio files that you scripted using the SoundSwitch Desktop Software are also exported to your source drive that you are using with the Engine Hardware as these Audio files are associated with the lighting files in your SoundSwitch project.


- If you have confirmed you have exported your SoundSwitch Project and Audio files correctly but your Scripted Tracks will not playback and instead default to the Autoloops make sure you do not have the "Override Scripted Tracks" enabled in the Engine Lighting Preferences as with this being enabled your scripted tracks will default to using the Autoloops.


Engine Lighting responds to Color Overrides and Static Looks but not my Scripted Tracks:

- If your fixtures are responding to Color Overrides and Static Looks correctly then this confirms the above issue is not the case and you have exported your SoundSwitch project correctly.

Most likely the issue is you have not set the Faders correctly on your Engine Lighting supported Mixer.

When using a Four Channel Mixer you need to make sure you only have the single Upfader active for the associated deck in which the Audio File is playing back.

For example, if you are playing back a track on Player 1/ Deck A then make sure you only have Upfader 1 active at 100%. If you have alternate Upfaders active with no Track Playing back on the associated Deck then Engine Lighting could be attempting to mix a lightshow that has not been loaded.


If you continue to have any Engine Lighting related issues please get in touch via support@soundswitch.com










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