How to Autoscript Autoloops

This is a guide on how to Autoscript your Autoloops using the new SoundSwitch 2.7 release


Autoscripting Autoloops:

1. In SoundSwitch Edit Mode you will need to navigate to the existing SoundSwitch Autoloops.




2. You can then select an existing Autoloop you would like to Autoscript or delete an existing Autoloop if you would like to create a new Autoloop.




3. If you are creating a new Autoloop you can then select the desired length of Autoloop either 16,32,64 or 128 Bars.




4. Now navigate to the Autoscript function and select "Auto" option




5. You will then be presented with the Autoscript Dialog.


In this Dialog, you can then select one new Autoloop Autoscript Presets "1"

You can then select which of your Position Cues and Attribute Cues will be included in the Autoscript Process and you can also define the order in which these will be applied "2" and "3"




6. Once you have made your selection hit apply and the Autopscript process will then run.





Autoscript Autoloop Tips:

Fixture Categories

- Experiment with your fixture categories, the new Autoscript presets have been designed so that setting your fixture to either of the fixture categories will result in a different output from the Autoscript

For example, if you have four Wash Lights set two Wash Lights as "Wash Primary" and the remaining two Wash Lights to "Wash Secondary" this will provide the Autoscript with more information on your fixtures and will result in a more dynamic lightshow.

This can be set via the "DMX Page"

Note: there is no wrong or right setting for these fixture categories experiment until you find a result that meets your expectations



Autoscript Settings

- Autoscript settings as these are your Autoloops that you will be planning to keep and use with your library take the time to set custom colors and order your Position Cues to really dial in a result you would like.




Movement Effects

Autoloops will contain movement effects such as Circle effects or Figure Eight etc. The effect is applied to the included Position Cues. You can now select if you would like these included. This can be useful if you are setting a moving head to hold a single position and do not want it to move with an effect. Unchecking the movement checkbox will disable all movement effects from the Autoscript process.





For fun, we have created a couple of complete Random Autoscript presets. Have some fun and experiment with these results can be mixed but you can get some really interesting results. Selecting the "Keep this dialog open" will allow you to quickly and easily reapply the Random preset until you get some interesting results.






If you have any questions regarding Autoscripting Autoloops please get in touch with us via







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