Virtual DJ 2023 Database location.

This guide will show you the new VDJ Library path when using VDJ 2023


Virtual DJ 2023:

The new Virtual DJ 2023 now uses a new location for the Virtual DJ library folder.


You will need to set this new location in the SoundSwitch Preferences for your VDJ Playlists and Folders to be present in SoundSwitch.


The new locations are as below:


macOS: \Users\YourUserName\Library\ApplicationSupport\VirtualDJ

Windows: \Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\VirtualDJ


NOTE: If you have upgraded to Virtual DJ 2023 from a previous version of Virtual DJ your database will be located in the original locations listed below:

macOS: \Users\YourUserName\Documents\VirtualDJ

Windows: \Users\YourUserName\Documents\VirtualDJ



You can find more information on these locations for both the new 2023 version of VDJ and older versions:




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