Getting Started in Performance Mode

Performance Mode

Performance Mode connects SoundSwitch with Serato DJ/VDJ 8. This article covers the basics of getting connected and how to trouble shoot a few things that may pop up.

Connecting to Serato DJ

Once you have created a few lighting Scripts and Autoloops in Edit Mode it's time to connect SoundSwitch to Serato DJ. The following steps will guide you through how to get this done.

1. Open SoundSwitch and select Performance Mode then select the Venue Tab you wish to playback. 

2. Open Serato DJ and then navigate to the Serato Setup Menu/Expansion Packs/Serato Remotes.

3. You will be able to see SoundSwitch in Available Remotes. If not already activated, select SoundSwitch and click Activate.

4. Close the Serato Setup Menu and then you're ready to test it out. To do so, load a audio file, that you have created a lighting Script for, onto the left deck and crossfade to the left before pressing play. If all is working correctly your lighting show should playback in time with Serato DJ. 

5. Now lets test out your Autoloops. Firstly, load an audio file onto the right deck that you have not made a lighting Script for, then crossfade to the right and you should see the first Autoloop you have created playback.

Remember, for Autoloops to be in sync with the music, you must have Beatgrids set correctly in Serato DJ.

Now you should be all set to go but if you can't quite get it working touch base with our support team.



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