Fixture Groups

Fixture Groups:

Fixture Groups let you organize individual lighting fixtures into groups without having to set them to the same DMX address. This allows you to control all fixtures within the group from a single Control Track; in practice, you can work on one Control Track and have this scripting be replicated across all the lighting fixtures in the group.


To create a Fixture Group select “Insert Fixture Group” from the Insert Menu in the drop down at the top of the application (place your mouse at the very top of the page and it will appear). Once sorted, you will then see a new Fixture Group in the workspace.

To add lighting fixtures to the group, simply drag and drop fixtures from the Fixture Library onto the Fixture Group. The fixtures you add to the group will be assigned the same menu color, making them easy to identify. Once you have finished adding fixtures, it is good practice to check you have assigned the correct DMX address; what is shown in SoundSwitch should correspond with the DMX address on the back of the fixture.

Creative Tip: You can collapse or expand the Fixture Group by clicking the folder button.



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