Adding Lighting Fixtures

Adding Lighting Fixtures:

Start by clicking the plus icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Simply locate the make and model of the lighting fixture in the Fixture Library then drag and drop it into the workspace.


You will notice a new Fixture Track has been added to the workspace and a new Fixture Menu on the right hand side of the screen.


To ensure SoundSwitch and your fixture can communicate, you will need to match the DMX channel address of the fixture to its entry in the SoundSwitch workspace. To set the DMX address for your fixture, double click on the Fixture located on the right hand side of the workspace and SoundSwitch will prompt you to input the fixture address. You will find the DMX address displayed on the back of your light fixture.

Fixtures can be configured in more than one channel mode. Mode 1 might have 18 channels and Mode 2, 5 channels. Each mode allows a different amount of control over the light’s DMX functions. For example, a fixture with multiple pixels (Mode 1) (Channel = 18) might control each individual pixel in the fixture whereas (Mode 2) (Channel = 5) controls the entire light as one. Keep in mind that adding a fixture with more channels consumes more or the 512 DMX channels available.


If some of your lights are not behaving as expected, its likely that the DMX mode or DMX channels have been set incorrectly. 

One common issue is called "Cross Patching" this is where the DMX channels of one fixture overlap another causing issues with the DMX output.

If any of your fixtures are cross patched, you will see the DMX icon in the tool display in yellow as shown below:


This indicates you should check to see if you have any cross-patched fixtures in the DMX map. 

If your fixtures are cross patched, the overlapping channels will be displayed as shown below:

This example shows that channels 34 and 35 are cross patch. 



The correct setting is shown below:




If your lighting fixture is not added to our software please email with the brand & model and we will add it for you.

Tip: If you are having trouble finding the DMX address for your fixture, check out the video below. Click here to find out more about DMX.   

Learn the Basics of DMX here:


Learn how to get started with SoundSwitch in this video:


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