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SoundSwitch Intro

SoundSwitch is a Digital Lighting Workstation (DLW) that allows you to create lighting shows which seamlessly sync with your DJ software.

SoundSwitch lets you create lighting shows in two ways, Scripts, and Autoloops, with both being synced to Serato DJ or VDJ. The following explains the difference between Scripts and AutoLoops and how to get the best out of each feature.


A scripted SoundSwitch track is a lighting file that is paired to an audio file in your music library; it is like adding a lighting stem to your audio tracks in your DJ set.

Lighting Scripts let you create intricate lighting displays by inputting lighting cues, strobes, color changes, movement, and other lighting effects in time with changes in the music. If you create the content SoundSwitch will ensure that your lighting Scripts are always in time with the audio when playing live through Serato DJ.

SoundSwitch responds to how you manipulate the audio via Serato DJ/VDJ and adjusts the lighting accordingly. For example, if you slow the tempo down, the lighting will also slow down. Likewise, if you set a loop via your control pads your lights will loop too. If you pull the record back your lights get the picture.

SoundSwitch also links to the faders of your controller/mixer so manipulating them will also alter the lighting. In practice, your lighting will blend together as you crossfade and will fade up and down as you control the upfaders.


If you haven't scripted any lighting for a given audio file/song then your Autoloops will automatically load as the song plays. Autoloops are a backup system that takes over when audio without SoundSwitch Scripts are loaded into Serato DJ, you can view Autoloops as short lighting clips that playthrough, in the order you have set, and in time with the Beatgrid of Serato DJ/VDJ 8.

Autoloops are designed to fit with the music structure and can be created in 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 bar durations. There are four Autoloop banks with room for eight Autoloops in each bank so you can create 32 different Autoloops in total.

In Performance Mode, Autoloops are synced to the Beatgrid in Serato DJ/VDJ 8 and will cycle through as you play. As an example, if you have created four 8 bar Autoloops, and each Autoloop is a different color, as the song plays through your lights will change color every 8 bars in time with the Serato/VDJ 8 Beatgrid.


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