Beatgrids help you to align lighting effects in time with your music. You can add a Beatgrid by setting the play marker on the first down beat, then click the Beatgrid button in the toolbar.

If you have already created Beatgrids in Serato, then SoundSwitch will automatically import these and replicate them in SoundSwitch for you.

We will try to import your Serato Beatgrid correctly but if we didnt get it right, step through the correction process. 

If you have created your own Beatgrid in SoundSwitch and would like to shift the Beatgrid left or right, press the Lock/Unlock Beatgrid button in the toolbar and drag the first Beatgrid marker into place. If you would like to adjust the Beatgrid, do so by dragging any Beatgrid marker, besides the first, until the Beatgrid aligns.

Creative Tip: Remember to skip through your track and check the Beatgrid is properly aligned throughout. It's best to check the beginning, middle and end of the track and ensure the Beatgrid is correctly aligned......always remember to lock your Beatgrid once done.


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