SoundSwitch lets you control the intensity, or brightness, of the lighting fixtures in your array. You can create fades, flashes, and other intensity effects in sync with your music. To do so you will need to work with the white intensity line inside a Control Track, as shown below.




To get the effects you are after first start by creating nodes by clicking on the intensity line. Add a few and then click and hold one to drag it around. As you will start to see, you can create different shapes that will affect the intensity of the lights you are working with. Play around, create some fades, a pulse on the beat, or whatever effects work best for your setup. To delete a node, simply double click and you will see the node disappear.  

Once you have created some intensity graphs you like don't forget that you can easily copy/paste and link them to different parts of the audio track. 

Creative Tip: Creating pulses in time with different elements of the music is a great way to focus the attention of your crowd. For example, you might create a pulse effect in time with the bass kick of a track then switch to highlighting the clap or sneer to bring through these different elements.





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