Matching the Lighting Fixture Address in SoundSwitch

Fixture Adresses:

To set the DMX address on the fixture the best place to start is the user manual. There are many different interfaces in market depending on what type of lighting fixture so there is no one stop shop for this part of the process. The manufacturers website or a Google search are also quick ways to get at the right information; there is a lot of content available that can help you build up your understanding of how to set fixture addresses.

Matching the Fixture Address in SoundSwitch

Once you have set the address on your lighting fixture you need to match this inside Edit Mode. To do so firstly locate the fixture in the Fixture Library and drag and drop this into the workspace. You will see a new Fixture Track as been created and a new Fixture Menu will have popped up on the right hand side of the screen. Next, double click on the Fixture Menu to bring up the interface that allows you to input the DMX address. Enter the address that is the same as on the back of the fixture and hit 'Ok'. Now that these are aligned it's time to get creative.



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