Can I Use a Third Party Hardware Unit?

Third Party Hardware

SoundSwitch supports the following hardware including some third party options:

Important note: Engine Lighting only supports official SoundSitch hardware and is not compatible with third-party interfaces at this stage.

Official SoundSwitch DMX Hardware

  • SoundSwitch V1 Interface
  • SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

*Official SoundSwitch DMX hardware has the tightest integration with the software. Benefits include faster 40Hz Strobe Rates as well as true plug and play on both Windows and Mac

Supported Third Party Hardware

Check out the setup videos for each interface below:

SoundSwitch V1 Interface:

SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface:

Enttec USB to DMX Pro Mk2:

Enttec Open DMX USB

Eurolite USB DMX512 Pro

DMXking ultraDMX Micro

DMXking ultraDMX 2 Pro

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