Scripted Tracks

Scripted Tracks:

A scripted SoundSwitch track is a lighting file that is paired to an audio file in your DJ music library; it is like adding a lighting stem to your audio files in your DJ set. In practice, SoundSwitch allows you to create an individual lighting show for a specific audio file/song.

Lighting Scripts let you create intricate lighting displays by inputting lighting cues, strobes, color changes, movement and other lighting effects in time with changes in the music.


Once you have created a scripted lighting display in Edit Mode, for a particular audio track, when it is loaded into Serato DJ/VDJ 8 SoundSwitch will automatically play it in time with the music. As you will see scripted tracks can be impressive and impactful in your live performance.

Creative Tip: Use scripted tracks to highlight key points in your set and get the crowd going. We are sure you will love this feature as much as your crowd will.

Custom Scripting Explained:


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