Faders & SoundSwitch

Faders & SoundSwitch:

SoundSwitch automatically maps to the faders on your mixer or controller. As you crossfade between audio tracks, SoundSwitch will blend your lighting tracks seamlessly.There are two options that you can work with; SoundSwitch functions with your Crossfader or your Upfaders. In using your crossfader SoundSwitch will mix your lighting shows gradually or you can set a switch at 50%; choose what suits you best. The other option is to map the mixing of your lighting shows to the Upfaders, which will mix at the same rate as the audio; simply set your Crossfader to halfway and use the Upfaders to blend the music and the lighting.

To select which mode you'd like use, navigate to the preferences menu in Edit Mode and you will see the crossfader mode selection menu.

Note: SoundSwitch is only compatible with two channel mixing in Serato DJ



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