Faders and SoundSwitch

Faders & SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch automatically maps to the faders on your mixer or controller. As you cross-fade between audio tracks, SoundSwitch will blend your lighting tracks seamlessly.

There are four options that you can work with which can be set in Preferences under the Performance Mode Tab.

Below is an image of the Preferences and an explanation of each fader mode:


Blend Mode:

This mode uses the crossfader to gradually blend between the light shows loaded on each deck including both Scripted Tracks and Autoloops. For example, if the track loaded on the left deck has a Blue light show and the track loaded on the right deck has Red light show when the crossfader is at halfway, SoundSwitch will output a blend of the two light shows and the lights will display Magenta which is a combination of Red and Blue as well as a blend of the two tracks Position Cues.

For other lighting attributes such as Gobo, SoundSwitch will switch between these attributes as these cannot be blended. 

Cut Mode:

In Cut Mode, SoundSwitch hard switches between both light shows for all lighting attributes when the crossfader reaches halfway.

Scratch Mode:

Scratch Mode allows you to scratch and move the crossfader without affecting the lights until the crossfader is pushed all the way to the other side. For example, if a Red light shows are loaded on the left deck and a Blue light show on the right, the light show will stay Red until the crossfader is pushed all the way to the right, and only then will the light show switch to the Blue light show on the left deck

Upfader Only:

Upfader Only Mode is for those DJs who only mix using the upfaders or those who use 4 decks to mix music. 

In Upfader Only mode, SoundSwitch plays back the light show based on which fader is the highest. For example, if the channel fader for Deck One is at full, the light show for the song loaded on Deck One will be displayed on the lights. If you then pull Fader One down and lift Fader Two up, then the light shows from Deck Two will be displayed.

Decks 1-2

Plays back light shows on Decks 1 and 2 in your DJ software

Decks 3-4

Plays back light shows on Decks 3 and 4 in your DJ software

Decks 1-4

Plays back light shows on all Decks in your DJ software or hardware.

For those using Serato DJ or an external interface such as the SL4 or Denon DS1, you will need to map the faders on your controller or mixer using the External Mixer options shown in the video below.

Active Faders:

Allows you to disable faders so the disabled faders will have no effect on SoundSwitch. Useful if you would like to add an External Turntable or Effect machine etc


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