Autoloops & DJ Software


In Performance Mode, SoundSwitch's Autoloops are synced to the Beatgrid in Serato DJ/VDJ 8 and will cycle through as you play.

As an example, if you have created four 8 bar Autoloops with each being a different color, as the song plays through in Serato DJ, your lights will change color every 8 bars in time with your Serato DJ/VDJ 8 Beatgrid.

Autoloop Repeat:

Updated in version 2.3, you can ow repeat and Autoloop indefinitely by select the Repeat Autoloop and using the Next, Pervious buttons or by manually selecting to launch an Autoloop.

Creative Tip: When building your Autoloops, keep things simple. Remember that Autoloops will be sycned with a range of different songs, all with different beat styles, so trying to put a pulse on the beat isn’t always the best option. Solid color loops, color transitions effects and slow intensity fades can work well.

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