Creating Autoloops


To start creating Autoloops in Edit Mode, switch to the Autoloop View by selecting the A button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

To create a new Autoloop click the '+' button in an empty bank, then select one of the five duration buttons to set the length of the Autoloop. Now you can start creating the lighting effects you want using the Control Tracks. It's best to start with Master Tracks as this information is standard across all of your venues but you can always achieve greater customization via the individual Fixture Control Tracks.

To keep track of all your Autoloops you can rename them by double-clicking on the Autoloop and then typing in the new entry.

To delete an Autoloop, simply right-click and hit the 'Delete' option.

Creative Tip: When building your Autoloops, keep things simple. Remember that Autoloops will be synced with a wide range of songs, so trying to put a pulse on the beat isn’t always the best option. Color loops, color transition effects, and slow intensity fades work well.

Check out this full in-depth guide we have created for the Autoloops feature:


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