Will SoundSwitch Work with Other DJ Software?

DJ Software

SoundSwitch is directly compatible with Serato DJ, VDJ 2021 and Ableton Live, and Traktor Pro 2 via Ableton Link.

Serato DJ and VDJ 2021 are supported directly via an API connection providing support for:

  • Scripted Tracks
  • Autoloops
  • Cross and Upfader Mixing
  • Reverse playback
  • MIDI Control

Ableton Live and Traktor Pro 2 are supported using Ableton Link providing support for:

  • Autoloops
  • MIDI Control
  • Wireless Timing Connection (LINK)

Serato X SoundSwitch:


Virtual DJ X SoundSwitch:


Ableton Link X SoundSwitch:

Traktor Pro 2 X SoundSwitch:

To learn more about Ableton Link check out: https://soundswitch.com/link/

If you would like SoundSwitch to work with your DJ software there is no harm in requesting SoundSwitch compatibility as a future feature with your preferred DJ software provider. Alternatively, Serato and VDJ 2021 are great platforms and it may be worth considering to see if a switch could work for you? 

Rest assured we are looking at further integration in the future at our end also.


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