Effects Generator

Effects Generator:

New to Version 1.1 is the addition of the SoundSwitch Effects Generator. 

The Effects Generator lets you drop and drag preset Effects from the library menu onto Control Tracks to quickly add lighting effects to audio files and Autoloops.

To add effects, simply make a selection in the BeatGrid of an Autoloop or audio file, choose the Effect you would like to apply, then drop and drag the effect from the Library Menu onto the selection.

Some Effects require you to choose the timing, for example, when adding a Random Color Effect you can choose how often your like the colour to change from a 1/32th to 1 Bar. 

These Effects include:


Fade In

Fade out

Random Intensity


Random Color


Forward Chase

Reverse Chase

Random Chase 1

Random Chase 2

Bounce Chase

Colour Palettes:

22 x Different Preset Color Palettes

Check out these Tutorial Videos.

We will be adding more effects in future updates, please feel free to submit your FX requests to hi@soundswitch.com

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