Ableton Link

Ableton Link

New in SoundSwitch 1.6.5 is the addition of Ableton Link.

Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network avoiding the need to physically cable devices together.
With the addition of Ableton Link, SoundSwitch users can sync Autoloop lighting scenes with timing information coming from any Ableton Link enabled application.

What is Supported?

In the DJ space the following applications are readily useable with SoundSwitch and Ableton Link:

  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Ableton Live 10
  • Traktor Pro 3

For a full list of apps that are compatible with Ableton Link check out the link below.

Single Computer

In this configuration, SoundSwitch and the DJ performance software operate on the same computer connected via Ableton Link with the SoundSwitch hardware interface connected through the USB port.

Additional MIDI controllers can be added to control Autoloops and other MIDI features in SoundSwitch.

When using Ableton Live on Mac computers, MIDI can be sent directly to SoundSwitch via a MIDI track using the Ableton Live MIDI in/out routing feature without the use of a VST. This allows performers to automate the launching of Autoloops, Static Looks, and MIDI override effects in SoundSwitch.Setup_Diagrams_1.png

Multiple Computers

Ableton Link allows multiple computers to connect on the same network to share timing data.

In this configuration, SoundSwitch operates like a font of house lighting controller, allowing a lighting technician to launch Autoloops, Static Looks and MIDI overrides in sync with the timing coming from the performers Ableton Link enabled software.


MIDI Routing

Send MIDI directly to SoundSwitch to control Static Looks, MIDI Overrides and Autoloop lighting scenes from Ableton Live.

*Mac Only





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