What DJ Software is Supported?

Supported DJ Software


SoundSwitch offers two levels of support for DJ software.

Direct API Support

Direct API support allows for the highest level of integration lighting support.

Features include:

  • Bi-Directional playback - lighting shows play forward and backward based on the play direction from the connected DJ software
  • Scripted light shows - custom light show playback per track
  • Cross/Channel fader sync - mix light shows with your DJ controller or Mixer
  • Play position sync
  • Autoloops
  • MIDI

Supported DJ Software Hardware:

  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Virtual DJ 2021
  • Engine Prime Hardware

Ableton Link Support

Ableton Link connectivity allows for a free flowing tempo/phase sync on the same computer or second computer across a local network.

Ableton Link offers the ability to use SoundSwitch as a front of house (FOH) lighting controller connected to the performers computer via a local network. With the addition of a standard MIDI device or using the on-screen buttons, lighting technicians or support personnel can launch Autoloop lighting scenes and lighting effects in time with the performer. 

Features include:

  • Ableton Link - sync tempo/phase information
  • Autoloops
  • MIDI
  • Remote sync via a local network
  • Receive MIDI directly from Ableton Live *Mac Only

Supported DJ Software Include:

  • Ableton Live
  • Traktor Pro 2+
  • Virtual DJ 8 +
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Engine Prime Hardware
  • Ableton Link Supported Applications - list here

MIDI Clock & MIDI TimeCode

Its also possible to sync SoundSwitch with MIDI Clock and MIDI timecode. 

This is helpful if you are using the Pioneer DJM range of mixers or any other mixer that is capable of outputting MIDI clock or MTC. 

Please note, MIDI Clock and MICI TimeCode only work with the Autoloops feature. Scripted tracks ar only support by software that provides a Direct API such as Engine OS, Serato DJ and Virtual DJ.



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