SoundSwitch 1.7


SoundSwitch 1.7 includes a number of new features including the new Movement Shape FX for creating movement patterns and effects, Four Deck mixing support, Library Improvements and more. This update also adds two new Performance Mode features; Loop Auto Strobe and Autoloop Override.

Key SoundSwitch 1.7 Features

- Movement Shape FX

- Loop Auto Strobe

- Improved Music Library Workflow

- Edit Mode Looping

- Autoloop Override

- Four Deck Mixing Support

- Toggle High Intensity Pulse Detection

Important Note:

VDJ Users:

You are required to download and install the new VDJ plugin. This can be found here

Serato DJ Users:

Four Deck mixing is supported using the External MIDI Mixer feature. You will need to MIDI map the faders to SoundSwitch as shown in the video below. Windows users will need to use 3rd party MIDI routing applications in order work around Windows limited MIDI functionality.The latest version includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements. Specifically, those who have had a few issues using SoundSwitch with VDJ will find this version to their liking.

Download SoundSwitch 1.7

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