Tidal and SoundCloud Support

Autoloop Support for Tidal and SoundCloud Tracks Streamed in Serato DJ.

Autoloops will now sync with tracks streamed via Tidal and SoundCloud in Serato DJ Pro.

Its important to ensure accurate beat-grids are setup and saved before playing tracks live using Serato DJ and SoundSwitch.

The following steps and video above explain how to make sure your Autoloop sync correctly.

Step 1 : Load Streaming track into Serato DJ

Step 2 : Make sure the BeatGrid is accurately set

Step 3 : Eject Track to force Serato DJ to save the BeatGrid to the Meta data of the Audio file

Step 4 : Reload Track into Serato DJ to sync Autoloops with the newly saved BeatGrid

Note: Scripted Tracks are not support at this stage. 

Check out the video above to learn how to use these features when setting up fixtures in SoundSwitch. 

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