SoundSwitch x SC5000/M

SoundSwitch x SC5000/M

The 1.9 SoundSwitch release supports StagelinQ connection to the Denon DJ SC5000 and SC5000M Media Players.

This video shows you how to setup the SC5000/M players with SoundSwitch.

Connection Steps

Step 1: Connect an ethernet cable from the Denon DJ X1800 Mixers PC port to the computer running SoundSwitch.

Step 2 : Connect the Players to the X1800 Mixer.

Player One: Connect an ethernet cable from Player One Link Port to Port 1 on the X1800

Player Two: Connect an ethernet cable from Player Two Link Port to Port 3 on the X1800

Step 3 : Open SoundSwitch and enter Performance Mode.

Step 4 : Open the SoundSwitch Preferences and select Engine Prime and the Prime 4 option as shown below:

Important note:  You will need to restart SoundSwitch for these settings to take effect


Step 5 : Once SoundSwitch has restarted, enter Performance Mode and check the Connection Status Icons are showing active as shown below:


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