Using Decks 3/4 Mode in SoundSwitch

Settings up Decks 3/4 Mode in SoundSwitch.

If you would like to mix using Desk 3-4 rather than 1-2 on your Serato DJ controller or mixer, there are some extra steps to follow to get setup.

Start by selecting the Deck 3-4 option in the SoundSwitch Preferences.  




Next you need to MIDI map the channel faders for decks 3 & 4 on your mixer to the Faders in Serato Video.

Follow these Steps:

Step 1 : Open Serato DJ.

Step 2 : Open the Serato Video Plugin (you do not need the full version demo version).


Step 3 : Activate MIDI Mapping by selecting the MIDI button next to My Serato in the Top Bar.


Step 4 : Right Click on the Upfaders and Map these to Faders 3 & 4 on your controller or mixer.


Step 5 : Make sure the "Link" buttons are active below the Faders in Serato Video.


Step 6 : Close Serato Video. Serato Video does NOT need to be opened again once this this setup.

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