SoundSwitch 2.0


SoundSwitch 2.0 represents a significant advancement. It includes new subscription pricing, support for the new Micro DMX Interface, third party hardware support, automation upgrades, Attribute Cue improvements, UI and stability improvements.

Key SoundSwitch 2.0 Features

- Automation settings upgrade

  • base level intensity
  • custom color themes
  • add position cues
  • add attribute cues

- DMX universe map

- Attribute cues upgrade

  • Create custom Attribute Cues in the library tree
  • Name Attribute Cues
  • Drop and drag Attribute Cues into tracks and Autoloops
  • Edit Attribute Cues with the same workflow as Position Cues

- Support for the SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

- Support for third party DMX hardware

- Autoloops and bank names now display on MIDI buttons 

- Ability to name Static Looks

- Color and position in the Static Look display on the MIDI button

- Support for Virtual DJ 64bit

- Feature walk through and in-app demonstration

UI, Bug and Stability Improvements

- Fixed playback issues with file types on Windows

- Fixed Serato DJ Beatgrid offset issue

- Fixed Virtual DJ database character issue

- Updated UI Elements

  • New SVG icons
  • Added gradient to intensity graph
  • Visualiser displays color and strobe overrides
  • Selected Autoloop bank displays in MIDI window
  • Legacy Attribute Cues display as triangle flag




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