SoundSwitch 2.1


SoundSwitch 2.1 includes support for Art-NET output and MIDI Clock/MTC input and output, the ENTTEC USB Pro, HEX color mixing with Amber, White and UV added to the color picker along with support for Virtual DJ's Open Sound 2 Light (OS2L) protocol. The customary stability and performance improvements are also included.

Key SoundSwitch 2.1 Features

Art-NET Output

  • Support Art-NET hardware and third Party Visualizers such as Realizzer.

MIDI Clock/TimeCode Input

  • Allows syncing of Autoloops to industry standard DJ mixers such as the Pioneer DJ DJM 750, 900 and 2000 as well as any external software or hardware with the ability to send MIDI Clock/MTC.

MIDI Clock/TimeCode Output

  • Converts incoming time signal from Serato DJ, Engine Prime, Virtual DJ and Ableton LINK into MIDI Clock or MIDI TimeCode allowing synchronization between DJ Software/Hardware, Lighting and MIDI devices across the performance environment. The output is Fader Position responsive, meaning as you cross fade between different tracks with different BPMs, external devices will sync accordingly.

HEX Color Mixing

  • Support for Amber, White and UV has been added to the Color Picker.

Virtual DJ OS2L

  • We have removed the need to use the plugins with VDJ. Virtual DJ now connects using the OS2L protocol allowing for local and network connections to SoundSwitch.

Third Party Hardware

  • Support for the popular ENTTEC USB Pro interface.

Position and Attribute Cues Folders and Hover Tips

  • Folders can now be created to organise Position and Attribute Cues. When hovering over a Position or Attribute Cue, the name of the Cue is displayed as a hover tip.

Ableton LINK MIDI button

  • A LINK button has now been added to the MIDI options allowing Ableton Link to be enabled and disabled via MIDI.

Quantize on all Effects Tracks

  • Quantize now applies to the Color, Strobe and Movement tracks.

Deleting and Copy and Paste Upgrades

  • Copy and Paste now applies to Attribute Cues and Movement Shape Effects. Deleting partial Movement Shape Effects Blocks is now supported.




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