SoundSwitch 2.2


SoundSwitch 2.2 focuses on major updates to the Autoscripting feature.

Autoscripting now includes phrase detection allowing SoundSwitch to detect music structure such as intros and outros, main one and two sections as well as the bridge and middle sections. In addition to phrasing, SoundSwitch can also identify major features within each phrase such as drops, breakdowns and build-ups. SoundSwitch 2.2 also includes an updated user interface and support for the Denon DJ Engine OS, Prime Go and Prime 2.

The customary stability and performance improvements are also included.

SoundSwitch now supports Mac OS 10.12 and higher. Please upgrade your OS to use 2.2

Key SoundSwitch 2.2 Features

Major Features:

1. Automation Upgrade
  • Phrase Detection
    • Intro, main 1, main 2, middle, bridge & outro
  • Automation Presets and Styles 
  • Feature Detection
    • Drop, build-ups, breakdowns
  • Fixture Categories
  • Additional Effects to Automation
    • Strobe
    • Color transitions
    • Movement effects
  • Fixture Specific Effects
    • Chase effects
    • Color overrides
    • Movement effects
    • Intensity effects
  • Automation Processing Optimisation
  • Automation Workflow Improvements
    • Standard 123 - 123
    • Out and back 123 - 321
    • Random
      • Added skip and overwrite option to batch automation
      • Added apply scripting to all venues option
      • Added cue play settings for Position & Attribute Cues
2. Updated User Interface
3. Added Support for Denon DJ Engine OS, Prime Go & Prime 2

Minor Features:
  • Duplicate Venues
  • Clear, Double and Half Beatgrids
  • Copy and Paste between Venues (single track only)
  • General Bug and Stability fixes

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