How do I setup Philips HUE lighting?

Setting up Philips HUE

In this help article, we will explain how to set up Philips HUE lights with SoundSwitch. 

SoundSwitch 2.3 adds support for Philips Hue lights. This allows basic lighting effects from the Main Track to be displayed on all Philips HUE lights. 

To get started, make sure your Philips HUE Bridge is connected to power, and using an ethernet cable connect the bridge to your network router.

Connect your computer to the same wired or WIFI network used to connect your Philips HUE Bridge. 

Download and install the Philips HUE app on your smartphone.

Proceed through the Philips HUE setup guide and be sure to set up an Entertainment Area inside the Philips HUE app.

Open SoundSwitch and enter Edit Mode.

Select Preferences Icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen:


Select the Hardware Tab and select "Enable Philips HUE" then select "Add New Bridge"



SoundSwitch will begin searching from the Bridge, this may take some time. Once the Bridge is found you will be prompted to Push the button on the Hue Bridge to Connect.



Once connected, your lighting setup will be displayed on the screen as shown below



Philips HUE lights cannot be individually controlled as this stage.
Philips HUE lights have a limited refresh rate which may cause some issues with fast pulsing effects such as strobes

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