MIDI Feedback Lighting

Added in version 2.5 MIDI feedback lighting allows for RGB and Lighting feedback to be shown on supported devices.

Currently, the following MIDI device support MIDI Feedback Lighting. 

SoundSwitch - Control One
AKAI - APC MINI (TRI Color Lighting Only)

* 3rd Party MIDI devices are not supported by Engine Lighting

Steps to Setup MIDI feedback Lighting:

Important Note: MIDI Feedback lighting is not supported for custom mappings. 

If you have already MIDI mapped your AKAI device you will need to remove the custom mapping by following these steps:

Step 1 : Connect the MIDI device to the computer

Step 2: Launch SoundSwitch and enter Edit Mode

Step 3: Select MIDI - "Clear all Mappings"



Now the pre-mapped controls will be shown on the MIDI device.

AKAI APC MIDI Mapping Guide


AKAI APC 40MK2 Mapping Guide


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