Virtual DJ Connection Troubleshooting

This article provides troubleshooting tips if you are having issues establishing a connection between SoundSwitch and Virtual DJ:


Virtual DJ os2L settings:


In the Virtual DJ settings make sure you have the os2L preference set to "Yes"

"Note: Changing this preference may require you to restart both Virtual DJ and SoundSwitch"




Windows Firewall settings:


Navigate to the Windows firewall settings (Allow an app through the Firewall) and allow SoundSwitch through both Private and Public Networks.

"This also applies if you are using any third party Anti Virus Software like Avast or AVG you will need to make sure you have allowed SoundSwitch through the Anti Virus Firewall as these tend to block connections"




Bonjour Service:


Windows updates can disable the required Bonjour Service. Navigate to the Windows "Services" app and make sure that the service is running and is set to "Automatic" as the Startup Type.

Note changing these settings may require a restart of both SoundSwitch and Virtual DJ.




If you are still having trouble establishing a connection between SoundSwitch and Virtual DJ after the above troubleshooting steps please get in touch with us at



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