Nanoleaf How to Setup and FAQ

This article will provide you with how to set up your Nanoleaf Fixtures with SoundSwitch and Engine Lighting and all other FAQ.


How to setup Nanoleaf with SoundSwitch and Engine Lighting:



Nanoleaf FAQ:


Q: What Nanoleaf products are compatible with SoundSwitch 2.6 and Engine DJ 2.3?

A: Nanoleaf offers a wide variety of smart lights, both the Shapes and Lines are compatible with SoundSwitch desktop and Engine Lighting.


Q: Do I need a SoundSwitch license or DMX interface to use Nanoleaf light panels with Engine DJ hardware?

A: Nanoleaf light syncing and manual control are included for free with your Engine DJ hardware. A SoundSwitch license is only required for creating custom light shows and building venues for DMX Fixtures. Since Nanoleaf communication is done over Wi-Fi, a lighting interface is also not required.


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