Learn the ins and outs of the SoundSwitch software.

Edit Mode

Effects Generator

Effects Generator:New to Version 1.1 is the addition of the SoundSwitch Effects Generator.The Effects Gener...
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Performance Mode

SoundSwitch x Prime 4

SoundSwitch x Prime 4 SoundSwitch supports StagelinQ connection to the Denon DJ Prime 4, 2 and Go controlle...
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MIDI Control in SoundSwitch

You can map a number of functions in SoundSwitch to your DJ controller or MIDI device. To start using the n...

Creating Autoloops

Autoloops: To start creating Autoloops in Edit Mode, switch to the Autoloop View by selecting the A button ...

Autoloops & DJ Software

Autoloops In Performance Mode, SoundSwitch's Autoloops are synced to the Beatgrid in Serato DJ/VDJ 8 and wi...

Autoloop Banks

Autoloop Banks: Autoloops are created in Edit Mode using the same Control Track workflow as Scripting audio...

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