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Edit Mode

Effects Generator

Effects Generator:New to Version 1.1 is the addition of the SoundSwitch Effects Generator.The Effects Gener...

Phrase Editing

New to the SoundSwitch 2.8 Update is Phrase Editing.   With the new SoundSwitch Phrase Editing feature, you...
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Performance Mode

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How to Autoscript Autoloops

This is a guide on how to Autoscript your Autoloops using the new SoundSwitch 2.7 release   Autoscripting A...

MIDI Control in SoundSwitch

You can map a number of functions in SoundSwitch to your DJ controller or MIDI device. To start using the n...

Creating Autoloops

Autoloops: To start creating Autoloops in Edit Mode, switch to the Autoloop View by selecting the A button ...

Autoloops & DJ Software

Autoloops In Performance Mode, SoundSwitch's Autoloops are synced to the Beatgrid in Serato DJ/VDJ 8 and wi...
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Frequently Asked Questions

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