SoundSwitch Fixture Manager User Guide

Welcome to the SoundSwitch Fixture Manager User Guide! This guide will help you understand and use the Fixture Manager application effectively.


What is the Fixture Manager?


The Fixture Manager is a tool designed for creating fixture personalities compatible with the SoundSwitch Desktop Software and Engine Lighting-supported Hardware.

NOTE: Any fixtures created using the Fixture Manager require SoundSwitch 2.8.1 or newer.


Key Workflows

The Fixture Manager offers two main workflows:

1. Public Sharing Workflow: Create a fixture personality and share it in a public database for yourself and others to use.

2. Local Workflow: Develop fixture personalities that are instantly available in the SoundSwitch fixture library without the need for public sharing.


Editing Capabilities

With the Fixture Manager, you can not only create fixture personalities but also edit official Production Fixture Personalities by SoundSwitch and Public Fixture Personalities created by other users.


Complete Manual and Tutorials

Access the complete Fixture Manager manual below:

Fixutre Manager Manual

Additionally, we've provided tutorials to guide you through creating common fixture types:

Creating a Fixture Profile with SoundSwitch Fixture Manager

- Fixture Creation Example: Creating a Profile for an RGB Par Can
- Fixture Creation Example: Creating a Profile for Moving Head with Color Wheel
- Fixture Creation Example: Creating a Multi-Cell Fixture Profile
- Fixture Creation Example: Creating a profile for a Effect Fixture
- How to Find a Fixture's Color Wheel Information When Not Provided in the Fixture Manual

inMusic Profile:

In order to use the SoundSwitch Fixture Manager, you require an "inMusic Profile." To create this profile, follow the link provided below. Once you have created your inMusic Profile, you can use the login information (credentials) from that profile to sign in when you open the fixture manager. This allows you to access and use the SoundSwitch Fixture Manager.


Community Guidelines

Please keep in mind these important community guidelines:

- Use the public server at your own risk; functionality isn't guaranteed.
- SoundSwitch may block users for abusive behavior, but local files remain accessible.
- Periodically, the support team may transfer files from the public to production servers.
- SoundSwitch reserves the right to remove personalities from the public server for various reasons.


Support Policy for Public Fixtures:

SoundSwitch's policy regarding public-created fixtures is as follows:

1. No Troubleshooting or Assistance: SoundSwitch will not provide troubleshooting or assistance for fixtures created by the public.


2. Contact SoundSwitch Support: If you require a fixture profile or encounter any issues related to fixtures, please contact the SoundSwitch support team directly as they can create a official personality for you.


3. Fixture Profile Creation: The support team will create a fixture profile for you and offer assistance with any fixture-related concerns you may have.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following this policy.


Support and Assistance

While you have the Fixture Manager, the SoundSwitch team is still available to add fixture profiles to the library for you. If you'd like a fixture profile created, please reach out to us at with a complete fixture manual.


Facebook Community Group

Join the SoundSwitch Fixture Manager Facebook Group for community support and discussions. Please note that this group is not an official support channel.


We hope this guide empowers you to make the most of our application. If you have any questions or encounter issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our support resources for assistance.