SoundSwitch Color Picker

When it comes to lighting, choosing the right colors is a crucial aspect. Your color choices can greatly impact your performance, making it essential to have a tool that allows you to select the perfect hues for your tracks, venues, and audience.

SoundSwitch offers a Color Picker feature, enabling you to easily choose colors that match your performance's needs. You can either select colors from the Color Picker or input specific RGB values to achieve the exact color scheme you desire.

Here's how to use the Color Picker:

1. Make a Time Selection: Start by making a time selection in either a color or intensity track within the SoundSwitch workspace. This time selection represents the portion of your performance where you want to apply the chosen color.

2. Access the Color Picker: After making your time selection, you can use the Color Picker. You have two options:

   - Click the "Color Picker" button in the toolbar.

   - Right-click on your selection and choose "Change Color."

3. Explore Color Options: The Color Picker interface will appear, offering a range of color choices. You'll find the most recently used colors and any colors you've saved for future use.

Creative Tip: If you're looking to create well-coordinated color schemes, Adobe offers a fantastic tool for building color palettes. This can be a valuable resource to help you craft visually captivating lighting designs for your performances.

With the SoundSwitch Color Picker, you can easily and precisely select the perfect colors to elevate your lighting displays, ensuring that your audience enjoys a visually stunning experience..