Getting Started with Virtual DJ and SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch is compatible with Virtual DJ 2018 or newer, and it uses the Open Sound 2 Light (OS2L) Protocol for seamless integration. This article will guide you through the initial steps to set up SoundSwitch with Virtual DJ.

1. Video Tutorial:

To help you get started, we recommend watching our video tutorial, which provides a visual guide on how to set up SoundSwitch with Virtual DJ. You can find the video here:

2. Virtual DJ Folders:

SoundSwitch currently supports Virtual Folders in Virtual DJ, but it does not support Favorites Folders or Filter Folders. To ensure proper compatibility, follow these steps if you've organized your Virtual DJ library using Favorites Folders:

   - Create Virtual Folders: You will need to create Virtual Folders in Virtual DJ for each of your Favorite Folders.


   - Move Tracks: Transfer the tracks from each Favorite Folder to their corresponding new Virtual Folders. This ensures that SoundSwitch can access and control these tracks effectively.

3. Need Help?

If you encounter any issues while setting up SoundSwitch with Virtual DJ, our support team is here to assist you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Enjoy your enhanced lighting control with SoundSwitch and Virtual DJ!