Using Loop Playback in SoundSwitch's Edit Mode

When working on scripting complex lighting shows in SoundSwitch's Edit Mode, you can take advantage of the Loop Bracket feature to help you fine-tune your creations. Here's how you can use it:

 1. Loop Bracket Overview: 

The Loop Bracket is a handy tool that allows you to repeat a specific section of your track's playback. This can be extremely useful when you're scripting intricate lighting shows.

 2. Set the Playhead: 

Begin by setting the playhead to the starting point of the section you want to loop. This is the part of your track that you wish to repeat in your lighting show.

 3. Playback the Section: 

Play the track, making sure you are precisely in the area you want to loop.

 4. Select the Loop Area: 

Next, use your mouse to select the portion of the waveform that you want to loop. Highlight the exact section you wish to repeat.

5. Apply the Loop:    

Right-click on the selected area and choose the "Loop Selection" option from the menu that appears.

 6. View the Loop Bracket: 

Once you've applied the loop, you'll notice a yellow Loop Bracket displayed within the waveform. This visually indicates the area that will be repeated during playback.

 7. Clear the Loop (if needed): 

If you decide you no longer want to loop this section, right-click within the Loop Bracket and select "Clear Loop" to remove it.

By utilizing the Loop Bracket in SoundSwitch's Edit Mode, you can easily define and repeat specific sections of your track's playback.