Using SoundSwitch in Standalone Mode:

Standalone Mode:

Standalone Controls were added in version 1.8 of SoundSwitch. Using the MIDI tempo controls allows users to work alongside DJs and control lighting effects manually.

MIDI Tempo controls include:

- BPM Tap

- BPM Adjustment Knob

- Fine BPM Adjustment -/+ 0.1 and 0.5

- Beat and Phase Shifting

- Cue Button

- Link Button

When in Performance Mode, pressing the Link button in the top left-hand corner will activate Ableton Link mode and disconnect SoundSwitch from any connected DJ software.

Using the MIDI controls mentioned above, users can manually set the Tempo and Cue Autoloops in time with the DJ from the front of the house. Switching over to the Autoloops Tab in the MIDI menu provides the ability to launch Autoloops and Autoloop banks in time with the Tempo set using the Standalone Controls.

Check out the video below to learn how to use these features when setting up SoundSwitch..

Standalone Mode:

MIDI Clock Setup: