Beatgrid: Perfect Timing for Lighting Effects

Beatgrids are a valuable tool in SoundSwitch, allowing you to synchronize your lighting effects precisely with the rhythm of your music. They are especially handy for keeping your lighting in sync with the beats and ensuring your visuals are in harmony with your tunes.

Here's how to use Beatgrids effectively in SoundSwitch:

1. Setting a Beatgrid from Scratch:

   - Begin by positioning the play marker precisely on the first downbeat of your music track. This is your reference point.

   - Click on the Beatgrid button located in the toolbar. This action will create a Beatgrid for your track, ensuring your lighting effects align with the music.

2. Importing Beatgrids from Serato or Virtual DJ:

   - If you've already established Beatgrids in Serato or Virtual DJ, you're in luck. SoundSwitch can automatically import these Beatgrids for you. This makes the transition into SoundSwitch smoother and more efficient.

3. Fine-Tuning Your Beatgrid:

   - If the imported Beatgrid doesn't align perfectly with your music, or if you want to create your own Beatgrid, SoundSwitch offers the flexibility to make adjustments.

   - To shift the Beatgrid left or right, click the Lock/Unlock Beatgrid button in the toolbar.

   - Now, you can drag the first Beatgrid marker to reposition it at the correct downbeat.

   - For further adjustments, drag any Beatgrid marker (excluding the first one) to fine-tune the alignment.

4. Thoroughly Review and Lock Your Beatgrid:

   - After making adjustments, carefully go through your track to verify that the Beatgrid is correctly aligned throughout.

   - Check the beginning, middle, and end of your track to ensure consistent alignment with the beats.

   - Always remember to lock your Beatgrid once you are satisfied with the alignment.

Creative Tip: The magic of Beatgrids lies in their precision. Take your time to ensure they are spot on, and your lighting effects will seamlessly follow the rhythm of your music, enhancing your overall performance..