Multiple Universe Support in SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch has expanded its capabilities by introducing support for two universes. This enhancement can be achieved by adding a second SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface or a Single Control One. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to set up this feature and patch fixtures to the second universe.

Setting up Multiple Universes:

1. Connection of SoundSwitch Interfaces:

   - First, connect both SoundSwitch interfaces to your system. Ensure that both are properly plugged in and recognized by your computer.

   - If you're using the Single Control One, you're already set as it inherently supports two universes.

   - Before proceeding, it's a good practice to check which hardware corresponds to which universe in the SoundSwitch software. This helps you avoid any confusion during configuration.

2. Patch Fixtures to the Second Universe:

   - When you're ready to assign fixtures to the second universe, remember to include the universe number in the DMX address for these fixtures. 

   - For instance, if the DMX address you need to input is 100 for a fixture in the second universe, you should type it in this format:




     - `2` represents Universe Two.

     - `:` is the separator before the DMX address.

     - `100` is the DMX address of the fixture.

3. Utilizing the DMX Chart:

   - Another convenient way to add your fixtures to Universe 2 is by referencing the DMX Chart. Using this chart, you can select the second universe to allocate your fixtures to Universe 2.

With SoundSwitch's support for multiple universes, you can take your lighting control to the next level, accommodating a broader range of fixtures and expanding your creative possibilities. Enjoy the enhanced flexibility and control that this feature brings to your lighting setups!