Four Deck Mixing Support:

SoundSwitch introduced the feature of Four Deck Mixing Support in Version 1.7, which allows you to mix light shows using all available decks in Serato and Virtual DJ. Here's how to enable this feature:

For Serato DJ users (requires External MIDI mapping):

- Serato DJ users will need to MIDI map the faders on their controllers to SoundSwitch using External MIDI Mapping.

- Navigate to the MIDI window and select the "External Mixer" tab.

- Right-click on the on-screen fader to highlight it in red, indicating it's waiting for MIDI mapping.

- Move the fader on your physical mixing hardware to map it to the on-screen fader.

- Once successfully mapped, the on-screen fader will be highlighted in blue and react to the movements of the physical fader.

- Repeat this process until all faders are mapped.

For users of both Serato and Virtual DJ:

1. To enable Four Deck Mixing, go to the Performance Mode tab in the SoundSwitch Preferences.

2. Select "Decks 1 - 4." This will automatically switch to Upfader Only mode since it's the only supported mode when using four decks.

This feature enhances your ability to control lighting effects in sync with your music when using four decks in Serato and Virtual DJ. For Serato DJ users, MIDI mapping is required to make this feature work seamlessly. Refer to the provided video tutorial for more information on how to set up Four Deck Mixing Support.

Check out this video for more information: