Supported Fixtures in SoundSwitch:

SoundSwitch is compatible with a wide range of DMX fixtures to elevate your lighting experience. Here's what you need to know:

Fixture Library:

SoundSwitch boasts a comprehensive fixture library, covering numerous types of DMX fixtures, including:

1. RGBAW+UV Wash lights

2. FX lights

3. Moving Head Spots and Beams

But that's not all. SoundSwitch goes beyond these standard fixtures by also supporting:

- Lasers

- Scrollers

- Atmospheric Effect fixtures such as CO2 cannons and Smoke Machines through the Attribute Cue feature.

This extended fixture support was introduced with version 1.2 of SoundSwitch.

For Optimal Results:

To achieve the best results and seamless integration with SoundSwitch, we recommend using RGB LED fixtures. These fixtures tend to work exceptionally well with our software.

Our Commitment:

Rest assured, we've put in significant effort to ensure that the majority of these fixtures align with the manufacturer's specifications. This means you can expect them to function as intended when used with SoundSwitch.

SoundSwitch Fixture Manager:

New to SoundSwitch 2.8.1 we have now included a fixture manager that will allow users to manually create fixture profiles that they can use with the SoundSwitch Software and share between the SoundSwitch community.

To learn more about how to create your own fixture profile, please visit the following webpage for detailed instructions:

Need Help or Want to Add a Fixture?

If you encounter any issues with a specific fixture or if there's a fixture you'd like to see included in our library, our support team is here to assist you. Simply submit a fixture request by sending an email to

To help us help you better, remember to include the complete fixture manual in your request. We'll work diligently to get it added for you.

Note: Starting from October 1st, 2023, if you want to use any new lighting fixtures added to the SoundSwitch Fixture Library by the SoundSwitch team, you must have SoundSwitch version 2.8.1 or a newer version installed. 

If you have an older version of SoundSwitch (anything before 2.8.1), it will not support any new fixtures added to the library.