How to Autoscript Autoloops with SoundSwitch 2.7

This guide will walk you through autoscripting your Autoloops using the new SoundSwitch 2.7 release.

Autoscripting Autoloops:

1. In SoundSwitch Edit Mode, start by navigating to your existing SoundSwitch Autoloops.

2. You can either select an existing Autoloop you want to autoscript or delete an existing one if you want to create a new Autoloop.

3. If you're creating a new Autoloop, choose your desired Autoloop length: 16, 32, 64, or 128 Bars.

4. Now, head to the Autoscript function and select the "Auto" option.

5. You'll be presented with the Autoscript Dialog:

   - In this dialog, choose a new Autoloop Autoscript Preset (labeled "1").

   - Select which of your Position Cues and Attribute Cues will be included in the Autoscript Process.

   - Define the order in which these cues will be applied (labeled "2" and "3").

6. After making your selections, click "Apply," and the Autoscript process will run.


Autoscript Autoloop Tips:

Fixture Categories:

- Experiment with fixture categories. The new Autoscript presets respond differently to different fixture categories.

- For example, if you have four Wash Lights, assign two as "Wash Primary" and the other two as "Wash Secondary" in the "DMX Page." This helps the Autoscript understand your fixtures better, resulting in a more dynamic lightshow.

- There's no right or wrong setting for these categories; it's about finding what meets your expectations.

Autoscript Settings:

- Take the time to set custom colors and order your Position Cues for the Autoloops you plan to keep and use with your library. This fine-tuning can yield great results.

Movement Effects:

- Autoloops contain movement effects (e.g., Circle effects or Figure Eight). These effects are applied to the included Position Cues.

- You can now choose whether to include these movement effects in the Autoscript process. Useful if you want to keep a moving head in a fixed position without any movement effects.


- For fun and experimentation, we've included some complete Random Autoscript presets.

- Play around with these presets to achieve interesting and unexpected results.

- By selecting "Keep this dialog open," you can quickly and easily reapply the Random preset until you find something intriguing.

If you have any questions or need assistance with autoscripting Autoloops, please don't hesitate to contact us at We're here to help you make the most of your lighting setup.