Third-Party Hardware Compatibility: 

SoundSwitch supports a range of hardware options, including official SoundSwitch DMX hardware and select third-party alternatives. However, please note that Engine Lighting is exclusively compatible with official SoundSwitch hardware and is not compatible with third-party interfaces at this time.

 Official SoundSwitch DMX Hardware: 

Official SoundSwitch DMX hardware provides the most seamless integration with the software. Benefits of using official hardware include faster 40Hz Strobe Rates and true plug-and-play compatibility on both Windows and Mac. The supported official SoundSwitch DMX hardware options are:

- SoundSwitch V1 Interface

- SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

- SoundSwitch Control One

 Supported Third Party Hardware: 

For users looking to explore third-party hardware options, SoundSwitch supports the following choices:

- Enttec USB to DMX Pro

- Enttec USB to DMX Pro Mk2

- Enttec Open DMX USB

- Eurolite USB DMX512 Pro MK2

- DMXking ultraDMX Micro

- DMXking ultraDMX 2 Pro

To set up and configure each of these interfaces, you can refer to the setup videos provided for each one.

Please keep in mind that while third-party hardware is supported, Engine Lighting, a specific feature within SoundSwitch, exclusively works with official SoundSwitch hardware.