If you're using SoundSwitch and Traktor Pro 2, you can now sync your lighting scenes with the music's timing thanks to Ableton Link. Here's how it works:

 Ableton Link and SoundSwitch 

Ableton Link is a feature that allows SoundSwitch to synchronize its Autoloop lighting scenes with timing information from Traktor Pro 2.

 What Ableton Link Supports 

It's important to note that Ableton Link in SoundSwitch supports the following features:

- Autoloops: You can sync your Autoloop lighting scenes to the music.

- Static Looks: You can align static lighting effects with your tracks.

- MIDI Functions: MIDI functionality is also supported, allowing you to integrate your MIDI equipment seamlessly.

With this powerful integration, you can create an immersive lighting experience that matches the rhythm and mood of your music when using Traktor Pro 2 with SoundSwitch.

For a complete list of supported DJ Software check the article below: