Mastering Fixture Groups with SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch makes it convenient to organize your individual lighting fixtures into groups without the need to assign them the same DMX address. Fixture Groups simplify your lighting control, enabling you to manage all fixtures within a group from a single Control Track. This feature streamlines your lighting scripting and provides uniformity across multiple fixtures in a group.

Here's how to effectively utilize Fixture Groups:

1. Creating a Fixture Group: To establish a Fixture Group, go to the Insert Menu in the dropdown at the top of the application (hover your mouse at the very top of the page to reveal the menu). Select "Insert Fixture Group" from the menu options. A new Fixture Group will appear in your workspace.

2. Adding Fixtures to the Group: Populate the Fixture Group by dragging and dropping lighting fixtures from the Fixture Library onto the group. The fixtures you add to the group will share the same menu color, making them easily distinguishable within the group. Ensure that you've correctly assigned the DMX address; the address displayed in SoundSwitch should match the DMX address on the back of the fixture.

Creative Tip: You can conveniently manage your Fixture Group's visibility by clicking the folder button, allowing you to expand or collapse the group as needed.

Efficiently utilizing Fixture Groups in SoundSwitch empowers you to streamline your lighting control and enhance your live performances. Whether you're working with a handful of fixtures or an extensive lighting array, Fixture Groups simplify the process and add precision to your lighting design. Enjoy creating cohesive and captivating lighting shows for your audience..